Overall thoughts

After enough games of playing this mode, I kind of both like and hate it. I like it because it's new, allows for plenty of item combinations and it's also fun to just mess around with stuff you couldn't normally do in say Summoner's Rift. What I hate about it though is the favoritism of events going for the winning team (Bardle Royale, Prize Fight, Loot Teegar etc), the on fire buff and (although in general) the damage is sky high. For Nexus Blitz, I play my champions under 1 or 3 categories. 1. For a mission: Like playing as Teemo 2. I like playing as the champion in question such as these three: {{champion:37}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:127}} 3. Just messing around with a champion I haven't played in so long like... {{champion:36}} However, what boggles it down is the fact that in about half of the games I played, either side is acting like it's their challenger promos and unless you ss every five seconds, you are considered worse than old school Tyler1 inting and need to be indefinitely banned... like... why? It's meant to be a fun game mode like URF but nope, just act like it's Summoner's Rift. As for events, it's really fun when we are getting hard stomped, Bardle Royale starts and it's only in the center or even towards the enemies side when our inhibitor is down (No turrets for them... fun(!)) or when it does end on our side, it isn't by a turret making it easy for a Rengar or Neeko to slaughter us. Prize Fight needs tinkering as well because how can 2 on fire enemies be put in the first round and not one of them being the most fed? Not to mention that anything on Cooldown is still on cooldown meaning you are screwed if the enemy has their stuff available because you didn't foresee it appearing. Oh and, the 2 v 1 shouldn't be possible at all. Just, I enjoy the mode but some aspects make it frustrating to play at times even for the fun of it and in case anyone asks, I always banned Jax or Yi if Jax got banned quick enough.
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