A few suggestions

2 new events: - PackMana. Collect little thingies around the map during the event (like bard), the team wins with the most collected. - King of the hills: Dominion. Capture the most from 5 points around the map during the event (like the old dominion) Its causes the team to split I know, but sometimes an individual fight can be healthy. (It's a bit like the king of the hill, but there is 5 hills that may causes the two teams to make 1v1 fights for them) Rift herald should be removed. If captured, he gives too great power and ends the game more quickly. I know you want to keep the game time around 20 minutes, but this is just pushes it too fast. Maybe a statue as an altar for the junglers to fight for, it can grant a nice buff for the the team, but not so overpowered. wards: last way too short time, takes too long to recharge. Also, the game mode is Nexus Blitz, but the map is need a name I think. The unique items are poor choices. You can't find anything good for a mage or tank. Those are mostly for assassins. But at least they are well hidden. +100 gold for the start could be great. The battle sled should be a battle cart, since the map is not snowed. Or change it at least when not wintertime. Additional rewarding for events: For a short period of time takedowns and assists worth a bit more gold. Who wins? Make a tons of kills, won all the events still loses the game in the sudden death? How about this: The team who first destroys the enemy nexus is the one, who decided to "end" the game. But the winner is the one, with the most score. 1 kill: 5 points, 1 assist 2 pints. For every 10 minion kills: 1 point. For winning an event 10-15 points. Every time a team captures the altar: 5 points. There should be a scoreboard that shows which team is in the winning position. I think these could really make it better. The game still can be fast, but not unbalanced just because one team once got one step ahead (got a rift herald, harder to defend, makes less time to effectively retaliate).

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