Can I disable Poro Pet, Finisher & Special Recall VFX?

If I buy the Poro Pet, Finisher or Special Recall VFX for Nexus Blitz, can I choose whether I don't want them to show during my game? Can I disable one but not the two others, or disable two and keep one? Will they remain in my collection so I can use them in future Nexus Blitz? It is important to me. If I may not disable them, I might not bother buying them (and will therefore miss out on the free icons) as they all make my position, murders and recalls more obvious to the enemy (can enemy even see it?), and maybe cause slight eye strain, it would be like being forced to play with a skin forever because you bought it (inb4 "it doesn't make a difference", it does, _a small banana is still a banana_ {{champion:16}} ). Clarity or fix is needed on this. {{summoner:13}} {{item:2421}} {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
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