Nexus Blitz Feedback

So i'm currently 60 games in and been playing for a while and there are a few things that need to be changed. 1. Bans. We NEED bans. As expected people are being obnoxious with the same cheese over and over and over. 2. Janna's Blessing. Removed or SIGNIFICANTLY nerfed. I would prefer it being removed shields are always dumb as hell but i don't expect that to happen. So far, with a few exceptions, this is a gamebreaker. Get the shield, group, kill them all no matter how much damage they do. Game over. Not fun 3. Guardian Angel thing ---> Same 4. Bardle Royale. Honestly i'd just remove it. Everything that is even remotely close to Battle Royale makes me puke. But that's not gonna happen either so it would be great if that thing could not Zoom in on enemy towers. 5. The Jungle. Now overall i like the jungle. Kinda reminds of the old Treeline back when it was actually good and fun. But i often find me and my team getting run over 3v5, while our junglers sit in the jungle 24/7 trying to clear. And it's mostly not their fault it's just that it takes forever to clear in context to how long blitz usually goes. Needs to be faster, or tuned for 1 jungler and 4 laners which i would prefer. Good idea, but doesn't work out at all. 6. The new Items. Overall i like it especially Force of Nature and Deathfire Grasp. But those damn ghostwalkers and that spectral cutless... Pls just get rid of those 2. It wasn't fun to play against in ARAM and it sure as hell isn't in Blitz. Putting them in over and over again won't change that. Overall i really like the mode. It's always over at 20 min no matter what. Yea people take it wayyy too seriously for a funmode, much more than aram, but that has nothing to do with the mode itself. The things that are really annoying can be changed. And the ones that 100% need to be changed are Bans, Janna's Blessing and the GA. Everything else would be amazing if that got some love, but it probably wouldn't kill it. Those 3, yes. Those would absolutely kill it.
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