Taric the Heartless (UI? Bug)

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So just finished last game of NB and I had one funny glitch after the URF event, where I kept the last heart and got spawned in the middle of the map, unlike anybody else. How this happened? Well not really sure. We just got through the event with surprisingly lot's of live left and I had two to spare ... but when we finished I had really low health and got killed by the auto-burn effect of the event itself. Then like all the other people had a shift of the camera back to the spawn ... only to bug out and get transported back to the middle, like when you re-spawn in the URF-Event ... afterwards I had my heart still over the head ^^ Not sure if you could do this with three hearts, keep two and have an extra life in the game itself :D could be fun And I never got to knew if somebody else saw it :( so sad.
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