Nexus Blitz Place in runterra

The idea is simple, make Nexus Blitz in Bundlecity, the yordles hometown! that would explain a lot of things like WTF is wrong with that place, also no more grumps and stuff, make heimerdinger, rumble, ziggs and other yordles invention as the monsters! the walls would be yordle homes, teemo and veigar being ther would make sence (kindof!?!) and it would not just be a sublvl to sumuner rift, since SR is ether betwen noxus and demacia or in nedalee jgl, ARAM is in frelyord in lyssandra's place, TT in the shadow isles (hope it get a remaster, look kind'a old to me) and assantion in shurima ( hope this one become a batleroyal, or at least an "everyone for his ass 5 man battle" where the assended guy become like a supper boss where everyone must team up, lot's of back stabing, and the quadrakill would realy, like REALY be somthing else, but that's for another day, for now, the new NB is AWSOME, but we alredy have SR, so i hope Rite change it's skin so that the weardness actualy make more sence ! {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
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