Nexus Blitz Prize Fight event bug

So I was playing Nexus Blitz and I found a bug with the Prize Fight event. It started like normal, first round put 2 champs from both sides vs each other and so the same in the second round. Blue side won both first and second round. But at the third round the last champ from red side got placed against the 2 champs that won the second round, which mean it became a 2v1 when it was meant to be a 1v1 (blue side last champ never played in the event and no they were not afk). Anyone else that have seen/experienced this bug? Edit: Ok I have seen this happen multiples of times now (though I only seen it happen to the red side that have to go into a 1v2, 1v3) and it looks like you even have to play a 1v3 if you somehow won the 1v2 on the third (what i mean is that you play first a 1v2 in the third round and then will go into a fourth round vs their last champ), so either this is what the system is meant to be doing or this is just a pretty common bug. If this is what the system is meant to do, then it have to be fixed/rebalanced because is not fair for the one team that has to play first a 1v2 and then a regular 1v1 when the opponent is full health and you probally only have 20% of your health left from the round before (if they survive the 1v2 of course). What this does just puting you in a disadvantage and ruining the fun of the event/mode and give the wining team a unfair lead/advantage that can cost you the game.
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