Interaction between Dark Harvest and URF fight should not be a thing.

For those of you who didn't know. You can stack Dark Harvest up to 15 times during URF arena, which completly breaks flow of the game from this point on. It's not cool, it's not fun, especially when URF arena is the first event as it completely warps champion select around Dark Harvest and ability to vomit spells (the fact that I dislike the new feature of revealing what first event is gonna be as it completely warps champion select on its own is other thing). "The games are meant to be fast." Yes, but this does not justify insane snowball potential URF arena brings to the table. The general philosophy behind Nexus Blitz is that even with one event messed up, better team can still go ahead and win. With Dark Harvest and arenas on the table this doesn't seem to be a thing as one team can snowball beyond team fighting abilities of randomly matched people. Overall, Dark Harvest is rune that is clearly not meant for Nexus Blitz as it is beyond broken due to death counts, and this interaction makes it that much more insane. Blitz games are meant to be back and forward experiences where you never know what will happen and said rune with this event basically deny this very crucial point of Nexus Blitz as it ruins fun for 5 people. And don't even get me started on the fact that URF arena can put Brand/Lux/other casters standing behind their team (and abusing Dark Harvest) on fire very easily on top of their newly found Dark Harvest stacks.
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