My thoughts regarding Nexus Blitz

**1) **The idea of double jungle is interesting, but it shouldn't be forced. I think it would be more interesting if players would be allowed to try off-meta comps. **2)** The map seems a bit off. Right now, most of the action is heavily concentrated on the mid or upper mid lane. I would like to see another layer of jungle below the bot lane. That would add some more freedom and elements of strategy, as well as dispersing the action around the map in a more balanced manner. **3)** More events! A few suggestions: a) From all the bushes in the map, lots of neutral Garens pop out spinning and shouting DEMACIA!! Team that kills majority of Garens wins. b) A random champion from both of the teams becomes a VIP. VIP's location is always visible for both teams. Team, that kills the enemy VIP first wins. c) Sprout! Lots of Ivern's bush patches sprout all across the map. Inside one of these patches, there is a seed of power (similar to green plant's healing seed). Team that finds the seed first wins. d) A dark star appears in the middle of the map. Every player gets Blitzcrank's rocket grab with extended range. Pulling an enemy into the dark star, kills him. Team that pulls set number of enemies into the dark star wins. **4)** More event rewards! A couple suggestions: a) Curse of Ganglank - losing team's side of the map is showered with Gangplank's canonballs for a set time. b) Blessing of the Twin Shadows - every once in a while large minions ant towers can activate Twin Shadows item active sending out two ghosts to reveal ant slow nearest enemy. Anyways, a new game mode was long overdue, LoL really needs that breath of fresh air. Nexus Blitz is a nice step in the right direction.

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