Today is my birthday \o/ Also, thy Riot for this little gift

[]( Jk ^ Today i have all reason to be happy :3! First of all, my family will let me take a bath in money, because it already started with my mother giving me 100€, let's see what happens once my grandma comes, and once i visit my Turkish part of the familly ^^ Second of all, my Account got unbanned because it got wrongly accused of the ussage of 3Rd party programms, which means, i got my account back, which was already happy enough, but Riot gave me as little sorry also 5 chests and Keys :D, which contained Zombie Brand, and the Darius skin which i forgot the name of (The green Biohazard one)(Also 2 Skin shards idc about, but lol, need that esence), which makes me super happy, because i already planned to buy Darius and Brand as my next champions ^^, also got Yorick Championshard from a reroll, which i also wanted since he got reworked :'D Also my friend Gin, will write a Fanfiction between me and my friend Quincy today, can't await it with her writing skils (50 Shades of grey could be written by her) Also my friend Quincy made a mixtape for me ^^ Today will be a great day, sweet 16
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