Why rank up?

I would like to know why you think you feel the need to rank up? For me, I don't care, i play what i want, when i want, and my highest point was gold 2 so far this season. Honestly, this game is just a game that my laptop can play, its online so i suppose its entertaining, and i think its just not worth tryharding or whatever people do in ranked. I play in ranked like i play in normals. The funniest thing is how people rage so hard when you pick like nidalee support or ekko support. kassadin top XD. If i like to play it, why cant I? its not like i tried to lose the games, or win them. i play my best at all times but i play what i want in what role i want, many people seem to have a problem with it lol XD its so ammusing, so i suppose, seeing others rage is what keeps me playing this game.
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