Twisted Fate experts help me . . .

Hello Summoners ! I'm a Twisted Fate expert / main. I enjoy playing this champion but I believe I don't contribute as much as other people. I won't be making 1v1 outplays, I won't solo kill any midlaner (cuz TF doesn't have high kill potencial unless you go ignite). I'm the type of safe player that goes for scalling. I'm always trying my best but I believe I rely only on my team. Should I change my playstyle or keep playing and hope one day I climb. I used to have 100+ games like 60+ percent win ratio out of 300 games like 200 wins and only 100 losses but I can't perform like I used to. I find this champion fun and don't want to change. But I don't want to have negative win ratio :(
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