A few ideas

Hi, here are some cool things that i would love to see in League of Legends: 1 - Minion theme emotes: we have a lot emotes with champions or poro and other animals... but we have not emotes about the most important beings in the game... MINIONS! Imagine emote with cannon minion pointing to attack or 3 melee minions staying together and shielding themselfs with shields 2 - Kog'Maw: i think his passive should look like this: after he die, Kog'Maw causes him to move faster and detonate after 4 seconds, he can detonate himself whenever he want after 1 sec using any of his other skills or wait to the end to deal more damage. Why? Because its anoying when someone is flashing or jumping out in the last sec... with faster detonating you can kill someone when you need it OR if you know he has not any escape you can wait to deal more damage or just use it in teamfights after you die. This sounds fine to be in game for me. Also animation could be like Kog'Maw's mouth is getting bigger and bigger and then explode! 3 - Disabling sound that you can hear when you press your ability and its on cd... its anoying when you are trying to use Q as fast as you can and you hear that little 'c'c'c'c'c'c' .... you can disable it in-game making Sound FX to 0 but its disabling the sounds i would like to keep... 4 - Something like 'SelfMute' or 'Pings SelfMute'. Only you would see everything you write and that would be cool. Riot says we should mute someone who is anoying or toxic in chat.. How about muting ourselfs? And to write something for everyone in chat just use /team [text] or /allteam [text] or something like that. Not everyone can control his behavior after loss or when he is tilted and this SelfMute would save others from getting tilted or offended. 5 - Recording custom Training games. I mean something like normal games, downloading a replay of custom game Recording tutorials or tricks or other things would be much easier to just mark before or during custom game 'record' or soemthing like that. And leaving the game will not make it disapear after that. 6 - Another cool and useful thing is to give another 'ban' in lobby to other player if someone else is banning nothing. Its also anoying and okey, you may not fear anything but others could use it to ban another champion. Sounds fine for me, 2nd ban should get player that banned faster than others so he can use remaining time to do this How you like my ideas?
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