So I am a private chef now, on my way to become a math teacher.

Just wanted to share something with you peeps real quick. Its not really important, but I am a little bored and a bit tired of math right now. Currently, I study math at a university of applied sciences to become a math teacher in about 4 years. Its really fun and interesting but I'll admit, sometimes I do struggles with some of the subjects. I thought, hmm, maybe I need someone to help me with my homework. I dont want to fail a single exam... One of the girls in my class is extremely smart and very good at math. I asked her in a jokingly fashion if she wants to be my private tutor, and I promised I will cook her all the dumplings she can wish for, knowing that she is a sucker for asian food. Ofc, I expected her to say no (because it was just a joke actually). Thing is, she said *yes* without hesitation, in like 0,5 seconds. Then she said that she would help me anyway, with or without dumplings. But since I've already made that promise, there is no going back now.... Ima have to cook dumplings for at least a year ;_; I derive 3 lessons from this. 1. Never make promises in a jokingly fashion. A promise is a promise. 2. Food can be VERY useful if you want something from someone lol. 3. If you cant cook yet, make sure you learn it!
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