South African trial Server possible?

I used to live in Portugal and played with 50ms on the EuW server but now that i moved to Angola i constantly play with 180 ms or higher and it definitely impacts on my game experience and am actually considering taking a hiatus on this game until i move back to Portugal in order to prevent ruining other's people experience by giving the opponent team the upper hand, (here all i play is basically Aram because if i under perform i do not feel as bad). Even though i understand that it may seem like the player base would be small and/or the infrastructure is not ready for that kind of commitment, we would deeply appreciate a trial server 3 or 4 weeks set up in South Africa so a proper assessment could be made. Just from my small circle of friends i know at least 10 to 15 people that would play league of legends if not for the increased latency. In my opinion this trial would increase the motivation and commitment of the African player base and show the real potential of the African market. I think it would most definitely have a bigger player base than Oce, Japan and Turkey servers put together. I would really like to know if a trial similar to this has been done before and if so, what is stopping Riot from at least testing it out this way. I would love to get a answer by riot be it good or bad, it would make my day :) Kindest Regards, MutouYugi

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