Smurfs and new players.

Hi guys. Recently came back to LoL and i got to level to 30. Many people i get matched with are people smurfing(im smurf myself obviously). The problem is that there are also people who are new to the game and the problem is they get insulted pretty often for their game knowledge(picking double top instead of jungle, dying and so). They really do not deserve it, it is a huge problem and it would be scary to jump into a new game and get insulted for not knowing things. Riot should really do something to help people who already had 30 lvl hit 30 faster or at least somehow separate people leveling from new players. They will either quit the game or probably become flamers themselves. I don't know if Riot is thinking about this/have any solution in mid but they should, this is a problem that should be somehow solved. Please guys post what you think about it, maybe you have any good solutions in your mind. Didn't know where to post this but it for sure needs some attention from Riot, greetings.

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