Let's clear up the whole sexism thing.

Every time I post or see someone else post that they are looking for girls only teams you guys seem to get offended and claim sexism and so on. Aaaand I find it ADORABLE https://i.imgur.com/9zpbunL.jpg I'll tell you why The thoughts that go trough my head are as follows "Do they really think we don't like guys?" "Awww, this one claims I think they're *Insert random insult*" "oh, well, uhm. what?" "No, you can't be in on an all girls team when you're a boy, doesn't work like that. Unless you're trans but then you wouldn't ask that..." And then I'll proceed to explain WHY we search for all girls teams - E-sport is heavily dominated by guys, it's easy to join in on communities with lots of guys but if you want in on an all girls community/team you gotta search for it - Playing as a lone girl in all guys communities sometimes get hella boring as they don't see things the same way you do a lot of times. - Sometimes you just wanna feel like you're not the only girl playing this game since, yes, it becomes lonely some times, trust me. Bottom line, we don't hate you guys, it's just that there's alot of you and not to many of us so we gotta try and stick together sometimes...
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