eternals might hurt this game AF

I just said up.,,also i have some examples : tl;dr You actually don't need to read my moroneos examples :P just be sure that eternals will hurt HARD. If you decide to read them please think before doing so because as i mentioned before the majority of my examples are dumb and they have the essence of stupidity! 1- Jungler question pings jhin that wt... are you doing in bush and why you re not helping in a 4 vs 5 teamfight. jhin realizes that enemy team has killed every single one of his allies but all of enemies are fighting with baron and their health is lower than 20% then jhin takes that nice opportunity and charges against them. jhin knows that they have not flash and it is a guaranteed pentakill but once we heard a weird song. wait what? yes jhin uses his R instead of getting close and using some Q and AA to get that penta. but another weird thing is that jhin is absolutely happy . maybe because he can put 4 progress to ( KILL ENEMIES WITH R ) eternal!!! by the way he miss all of his R shots ( omg ) and then rage quits . 2- A fed zed who put his R on an evelynn in jungle but after hitting her with basic attacks and an epic fight between he and evelynn, zed decides to not use 3q shurikens because he wants to kill evelynn with ( THE R EXPLOSION DAMAGE ) to get eternal score! then evelynn uses R to escape and heals back with passive and comes to %%%% down this fed zed and get free 1000 gold. after that everyone saw that evelynn with a 25 stacks {{item:3041}} and that evelynn kicked a$$ of everyone who tried to approach her. after a marvelous pentakill evelynn destroys the enemy nexus and says : ( ty zed well appreciated ) 3- VI jungler that gets flamed by enemies and allies. she is jungler but she took flash and ghost instead of flash and smite!! she is building tanky and she stays in bush whole game with a control ward. she waits an enemy to get close then she uses her Q to hit enemy. she then runs back with mobility items such as {{item:3742}} and sometimes she uses her ghost and flash when she is in danger . she then comes back to use her Q again. some people say that she does these shitty things because of ( HIT ENEMY CHAMPIONS WITH MAXIMUM RANGE OF Q ) eternal! actually no one knows! 4-A garen who seems normal but doesn't act normally! he has hexaflash {{summoner:4}} rune so he waits in team fights in bush then when he sees a low health enemy he hexaflashes then uses R to kill the enemy, fortunately that game was a win for garen because they had a smurf lee sin and yasuo. garen could get 19/0/0 score, he had ultimate cooldown reduction runes so he could kill 19 enemies with ultimate maybe because of ( KILL ENEMIES WITH R eternal? 5- A sona who bought cooldown reduction and mobility items such as {{item:3742}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3800}} . she took teleport and flash and her purpose is to just press R on enemy champions that are together! . she has hexaflash {{summoner:4}} too but she is doing well than garen, she did it over 25 times. also ultimate hunter + presence of mind helped her too much but she died 7 out of 10 times she hexaflashed to enemy group. but happily she survived 3 out of 10 games by the help of mobility items. jhin says that she was doing this because of the ( HIT MULTIPLE (2+) ENEMY CHAMPIONS WITH R ) eternal! but he is a liar i don't think so! And that's it my examples has ended! have a nice day fellas :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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