Hey Riot, do you have an Arab employee (Lebanese to be more specific) in your design teams??

Now why would i ask such a stupid question? Well, i'm sure you all know the rune "Summon Aery." The way many of you say its name, little did you know, you're literally saying "Summon my D1ck." Now how do i know this? Well duh! I'm Lebanese, and that word is in Lebanese Arabic, so yeah! XD "Aery" literally means "my d1ck" and it's pronunciation is quite accurate (though missing a small element, but it doesn't matter.) Now, could it be a coincidence? Yes, i'm pretty sure it is. But i just want to make sure, because that rune makes me laugh, and if the answer from Riot is "yes," then that guy sure did a good job on swearing at the entire player base of all League of Legends! hahahaha XD Also, thought i might just share this. Because...reasons. Edit: Though it might be reportable, when you play a poke champion with that rune, you can joke around and say in all chat, "I'm poking you with my d1ck!" but you might wanna explain asap to prevent any possible flame wars. Just say that "Aery" is an Arabic word for "my d1ck," HOWEVER, you must keep in mind and MUST say it's LEBANESE ARABIC, because our Arabic is very very VERY different than other Arabic. Don't wanna spread any misconceptions here and there!
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