i have had enough of this tank meta from 2 years- can we plz stop this right now!? plz :(

3 promotion games 1lost 1 won, last game i was talon against lux won my lane, my team was winning from min 1 to min 20th- after that everything started going downhill, their sejuani and olaf were LITERALLY trust me when i say literally- unkillable like we had to do 5v1 just to kill sejuani and or sion- and when we had team fights it was just pure massacare we were utterly and completely destroyed after 20th min, our adc jhins ulti did little to no dmg on sejuani with all 4 shots landing on her :/ plzstop it i hate tanks and i hate this game too but i cant stop playing it T_T {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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