I Got Diagnosed With Depression AMA

Just today, I got diagnosed with depression, im seeing a physcartrist later on today... Im 19 years old,Male, it is believe the symptons started when I was around the age of 14 Its 'funny'/odd, since Gosu also has severe depression, so since this is kinda revelant for the week, I want anyone who has questions regarding depression to ask me here, anyone who is curios to how it feels to have it , can also ask, ask me anything about depression and I wil anwser to the best of my knowledge.. hell if any of you suffer, feel free to share your feelings/ Short story. No this isnt an "attention whoring" I mean use common sense, whats there to have attention on these boards, if NONE of you even know me IRL? EDIT1: - 3:10PM heading out to see the physcastirist, and see what medication I will be prescribed with (if any) -I will anwser further more Q's when I come back EDIT2: Just got medication prescribed, I read the side effects, they are Fn scary, but I have to try them; Xanax Abilify (Aripiprazole) Cymbalta (Duloxetine) EDIT 3: Since I will be taking these meds beggining from tonight, Im willing to create a mini vlog, stating what im feeling whilst on these drugs, hopefully I can open your eyes and mind to what it feels like being on xanax etc.... EDIT4: Xanax makes me feel a bit sleepy, yet relaxed, you pretty much need a good nights slep, or else you feel tired for the whole day.. Its side effects that im having is hiccups ocuring for a 30 minutes, then coming back after 3 hours or so, pretty annoying -Abilify: Im not quite sure what it does, since I take it before bed as prescribed, im guessing its just a sleeping pill that makes your relax during sleep... -Cymbalta; took one this morning, didnt feel any effects, maybe it was because I took it with xanax so it could of potentially masked it ...
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