Woke up to see if no URF in 1st of april was a joke, wasn't a joke.. i'm going back to sleep T_T... cause having it for only 2 weekends in a whole year sounds like a shit idea to start with, would be nice if it was 2 weekends next to the week of URF on the 1st of april but since we're not getting that... just dissapointed. Also this draven head thing. it's funny. for 20 secs. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} then it becomes so annoying that you just don't want to continue the game cause you can't see which player you are attacking, looking at lux, head is bigger then the body which makes lux almost invisible and makes it look like a floating head. seems like i'm going to sleep through this day and hope this shit feature will be disabled tomorrow.
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