How can you not get mad and tilted ?

Ok, this was one of those games where i got completely frustrated and mad and i almost destroyed my desktop. I`m fvcking tired of all this bullshit in Rankeds. I win every single game until i get 100 LP and then BOOM! I end up in my promos, where the first match was flawless just like before i get into promos and the next 2 games are complete bullshit and filled with incels and people that apparently don`t even have 2 neurons working. On my first loss i played Yuumi. Really good KDA, everything was fine for me and our ADC and the jungler. I guess everything started from the Champion Select screen where i was blessed with an incredible genius as a mid-laner that picked Xerath after Zed was their first pick. Fvcking Xerath. At first i told to myself, well if the dude picked Xerath he might be good and likes to humiliate Zed players with that pick...Well, no. He fed is ass off to the point where Zed was 8/1 and one-shotted everyone that tried to fight him. He also started spamming ff at 15 in chat like a maniac. And my third game from my promos was today. Where i got completely mad. I played Nami w Jhin bot. Everything was going like a dream. We were against Draven & Pyke. They spent most of the early game under tower from all the poke and kill pressure we had. That was until i realized i was blessed with another mid-laner type of genius who instalocked Galio. The dude didn`t even tried to counter pick or something. He went straight for Galio. Now i`m asking you, what kind of moron instapicks Galio against 3 AD already picked champions with Yasuo being on the able for the enemy team? Well, this guy did it. After his pick Yasuo was picked next. You can see in the link attached what happened. And you know what? I`m fvcking tired of this bullshit. I spend my fvcking time playing this game, trying to get better and get out of this elo trash and then this is what i get. And you know what`s frustrating? Cause you realize it`s not even up to you how good you become. It`s not like someone will pay me one day to be a pro, the willing to climb and get to higher elos is there so i will not be forced to put up with bullshit like these 2 games i previously had and no, i don`t deserve to be in stuck in this swamp. At least, some of my Thresh stats this season show that i`m pretty close to a Grand Master Thresh player generally speaking. The link i posted was from the last match where in the second ss you can cleary see i even did more damage than one of our carries (Tryndamere). And our Garen was pure trash. I`m sorry, maybe some will think i`m flaming, but...HE. WAS. TRASH. And please, tell me again how Garen is so God damn overpowered he can`t lose. Well this guy managed to do it. Don`t ask me how, i don`t care, it happened, end of the story. Maybe we can increase the level requirment for Ranked? I don`t know, but this is absolutely frustrating and stupid in a way that you end up screaming like a psychopath at your own desktop after you punched it. And the cherry on top was Pyke with his "Ez" in all chat after we surrendered. I checked the guy`s profile after and it took him 270 wins to get to Silver II. This fvcking piece of sh!t says "ez" in all chat after his ass got carried? Brilliant. Fvcking brilliant.
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