My League Journey has come to an end - Goodbye

Hey guys, this is Heaven. I am a 25yo guy who's been playing this game since s2. I have decided to quit after many years and I have been thinking about it for 6 months straight before actually doing it. Be aware that life happens, you become an adult and everything changes. But you can still play games from time to time. **About the game** 1.I have the feeling that Riot is taking my money, while making another game, and this game will fall down and die badly, after all the time we've spent on it. But that's a catastrophic feeling, maybe too negative. Maybe it won't happen. 2.Do you think that Qiyana will be a good/balanced champion to add to the game? I honestly think that her kit is even worse than new Akali. She is akali 3.0. 3.What about toxicity? From my experience I know that every online game has its toxic part of the community. LoL could be a much better game if the in-game chat would be totally deleted/erased. Don't you think? Am I the only one thinking about this? Players just don't mute flamers and they keep answering instead of focussing on the game. Also I think that the Riot should focus more on the majority of their players, who play below gold league, and not on the elite/competitive/esport community. By the way, I forgot to tell you that LoL is an amazing game. I am not joking. Its almost 10years of success derive from the fact that can be SUPER funny when played with a full premade team. Solo-played can be actually terrible. **About my life** To sum the things up 6 months ago I became a doctor. Pretty epic experience that one. I care about people. I care about others in general. I still have some time spared for my hobbies, but my job of course takes over the majority of my day. I want to tell you something being more serious. **If you have a passion, whatever passion, and a goal in your life, just go for it.** I did it. You can do it too. Also don't listen to people judging you. Most of them envy you. I will go back to play another great game, which is a competitive RTS skill-based game, that gives lots of fun when played correctly at 150-200apm. I am not gonna advertise that game here. Goodbye, RW Heaven. [Sry for my bad english, i am not mother-language]
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