Need clarification on Lunar Revel Event pls!

So I have a few questions regarding the Lunar Revel event. 1.) How am I supposed to get enough tokens from only the quests (Red Envelopes) to craft a 175 token chroma? Because I have no more quests left and only got a total of 120 tokens. Which means I would have to spend 1550 RP on the fkin Lunar Revel Pass just to be able to get the golden chroma for the Warwick skin that already cost me 1350 RP + 400ish for the other chromas. Which in my opinion would be a goddamn scam, having to spend 1550 RP on basically another recolor of the skin I already bought! 2.) How does the 100 token Mystery Lunar Revel Golden Chroma work? Does it only give you random golden chromas for champs of which you already own the Lunar Revel skin? Because in my case this would mean I would be guaranteed to get the Warwick chroma bc thats the only champ i have a Lunar Revel skin for. Or does it just randomly give you a chroma even if you still had to buy the corresponding skin to be able to use it? Ty for answers :)
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