What skins are most likely going to make you mad and what skins are affecting you possitively?

There are several skin in game which drive me crazy when i see them depending on player or are they on my or enemy team.First of all the "cottontail {{champion:17}} " is number one on the list he makes me wanna beat the %%%%k out of him in real life especially when teemo on my team feeds ending 0/5 during laning phase,i am going to play {{champion:23}} into that teemo, or when someone in my team feeds enemy teemo with this skin and once i trashed my keyboard against a table.Of teemo skins most are going to make me rage like happy elf,panda,recon,badger but omega-squad are not making me mad at all.Star guardian skins are next on the list cuz they are looking too much childish and always i think that when i have star guardian lux as supp its some 9 year old kid playing her but {{champion:222}} looks far more kiddy with this skin.Nutcracko make me flame a lot when playing a game especially when he ganks and takes my kill.There are also skins that positively affect me like kitty cat {{champion:55}} which make me horny and i can say she is sexiest skin in a game.
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