My account got permabanned, for scripting ? And the Riot support isn't helping me at all

A few days ago i got banned, and i don't know why, the ticket i got peer E-mail was just telling me i got banned for third party ussage, which is totally incorect, because i never installed anything for League besides the game itself, no custom skins, no scripts, no programms, nothing, yet they banned me for third party ussage, but why ? I never changed anything in the files, nothing, never And the Riot support is literally no dang help at all, all just repeating the same ''It is unfair for other players to have something which gives you advantage against other players'' bla bla bla usuall copypaste text... I lost everything, my champions, my skins, my runes, everything, and it will take me so many years to get everything back i owned, and im so sad, Riot just literally banned me for nothing, and there is nothing i can do about it How can this happen? I thought Riots system would be a bit more advanced, and actually banns people that need to be banned, not people that casually enjoy ARAMs or Normals with their friends Somebody please tell me what to do Because the Riot support isn't helping 4 shit, and i don't want to loose my account I don't wanna let my account go...
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