Just a couple of questions about ban philosophy

Hey guys. So, the following happened. A friend of mine just got banned for scripting. That`s the start point. He said he was not scripting, I was playing alot of him, and I do indeed believe him. Whatever, I'm not writing this to change that, but to ask some questions. So, he immediatly contacted support ofc, because he was sure it has to be some mistake, something was misunderstood or anything in that direction. Well, just as we both guessed riot kinda shutted his believe down by saying no. Sure, there was not any proof or something like that, and the Riot member working on that case wrote that he will not publish anything, since it will interfere with future bans, or better said to find out who is hacking. So a few questions came to my mind, because holy fck I am scared now my account will get banned out of nowhere. Just like him I love this game, and damn i put a lot of money into it. The first question is, if someone gets banned and lets say he did not hack, but the riot support said he did, what the heck is he supposed to do? I know a few accounts who easily have over 2000€ put in them, and that`s all gone than? Next question: For a riot member, who is working on such a case, what goes through your mind? Sure, you've got some proofs, or maybe just one, but those are based on technology, which does make mistakes. Does it feel sort of bad to ban people, not being 100% sure they did something wrong? Or is believing in certain proofs the first step to even consider banning someone. I really would like to know more about the philosophy behind this. If you ban someone, what is the goal behind the ban. I think it's not to kick the player completly out of the game, but to make him create a new account and don`t script again. But I'm not sure about that. Sorry, that kind of became a really long text. Greetings from germany, Lightning aka Lucas Sorry if I made some mistakes, my English is not the yellow from the egg ;) EDIT: So the Riot support DID answer me! And i thought this was helpful: Greetings Lucas, Junesss here to assist you! Thank you for contacting us! ^_^ Sadly, due to privacy reasons, I cannot disclose the state of other accounts than yours. That being said, I cannot provide you with any context or information regarding the suspension that was placed on your friend's account. I understand how important and meaningful this account is to you, not just because you've put money in it, but because you've invested a lot of time and created memories while playing on it! I know how much work goes into an account so I understand why you're worried that you might lose it. However, you can rest assured, that suspensions don't come out of nowhere. There is a valid reason why they are placed on accounts. An account that is not breaking our Terms of Use, will not be randomly suspended. So, as long as you don't share your account with anyone (keep in mind that you're held responsible for everything that happens on it, since you're the original creator) and you're not breaking our Terms of Use, there is no need to worry! So make sure you don't share your account with anyone and you take care of it by securing it! hope I've managed to ease your mind a little bit! :) Once an account gets permanently suspended for scripting is because we determined that the account was in 100% in clear violation of the Terms of Use. The account in question was carefully investigated, before placing the suspension. The reason we do not provide information regarding the detection of third party applications, it's because it can compromise future investigations. This does not mean that we placed suspensions without proof or without being sure of it. It's just that we don't give this kind of information to players. Furthermore, we will not refund transactions made on a permanently suspended account, nor will we transfer the content from the account, to a new one. You can find the full policy at our Terms of Use on the website: • http://www.leagueoflegends.com/legal/termsofuse Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with any information regarding the way the system works. As far as I am concerned, it doesn't feel good to be the bearer of bad news and tell the player that there is nothing we can do regarding the suspension, especially when they reach out to us in hopes of removing it. As I've previously stated, I know, from my personal experience, how much work goes into an account. When you lose your account, you also lose time, money and effort. Trust me, it doesn't bring me any joy to have to give players bad news. :( But you have to understand that these suspensions are placed for the greater good of the community. Just think about the following scenario. You're in your promotional games and you're trying your best to win the game and get into the next division. However, someone from the opposite team is using scripts in order to gain advantage and win. You can easily see that the other person is using third party programs. I bet you would feel quite frustrated to lose the game because someone else resorts to such means in order to gain Elo, and you would want this player to receive a punishment. Players who are doing this, are ruining the game experience of many other players. When a suspension is placed on an account, it's because the account has to be punished for the activity conducted on it, and for all the game experiences that were ruined because of it. If the player then decides to create a new account, this is his personal choice. We do not force players to create new accounts and this is not the purpose of the suspensions. I hope I've managed to clarify your concern. Please let me know if you need anything else. Have a great day! ^_^ ------censored---- The sea is dark and full of terrors. And yes, I did ask if was allowed to publish this one
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