Saying the truth about riot game

I had always respected this company, and it hurts me seeing people saying false accusations just because they were ignorant at some points and others following them. Just tell me. At this day and age, show me the game thats free to play and not pay to win. Not only that, but also you are able to get almost any skin you want with the loot system, do you know what that means? Do toy know how much risk this means if it was any other company? Imagine csgo but you are able to get free crates what will gappen to the shop? When something goes from impossible to possible its a big change, i hate it when people just say RIOT WILL GIVE YOU NOTHING FOR FREE . Show me the company that will listen to their fans like riot. Imagine working on a whole champion rework and release it then scrap it cause it was too complicated for players and they didnt like it. OTHER COMPANIES will adjust stuff to play alobg around their champion just to not show themselves not at fault. This shows that riots CARES about its community They gave me hope about the gaming industry. They even created the First NOT PAY 2 WIN CARD GAME which is the whole concept of card game is to pay to get trading cards randomly! YOU CAN TRUST RIOT TO MAKE GAMES HANDS DOWN BEST COMPANY THAT CARES ABOUT THERE PLAYERS AND CUSTOMERS. Congratulations for your 10th year anni. Also.. about the middle easterns i saw some topics saying oh its just client translation and was ranting and had upvotes.. If you didnt pay attention please dont start a fuss , they never claimed that a middle eastern server will be launched and now they went a step up by translating the game. And also becauce most middle eastern players are console players they now have a port for console and mobile for league (not a port but from the ground up) they need to widen the Middle eastern player base THEN release a middle eastern server unless you want a dead server like the japanese
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