Perma Banned - But it's a good thing

So today was my last game in LoL. And I am quite relieved by this.. Some details.. Game lobby, 5th pick says they do not support, and have no support champs though their history shows different. I lock in Vayne, I was 4th pick.. they lock in Annie. Games starts, they don't start with a gold item but dorans ring and a health pot. We are vs Ezreal/Braum and I don't want to push so am trying to last hit. But what do you know, Annie starts using her auto and W to get the last hit in on creeps. I thought maybe this is a mistake and she is trying to get their HP down for me to farm. No, level 2 comes and she starts then using Q also. So I am getting next to no farm. I tell her to stop, she doesn't and continues. Long story short, I start to flame the troll for stealing my creeps. After all, ADC needs gold right? By the end of the game, guess what. Annie has not spoken a word in chat. But I have written a lot, mostly moaning about Annie costing me the lane and my promotion, funnily enough the team is blaming me, but this is Silver. Team said deal with it, yeah great advice and help those words were. I was in PROMOTION too so very frustrating, and I again get a troll. It happened the same yesterday, when I get 2 afk in 2 games in a row. Imagine that luck, in another promo. So, I get the dreaded email from RIOT saying I am not welcome in the LoL COMMUNITY due to my language not being up to par. I laugh at the word community they use in the email because from what I have seen recently there isn't one. Annie is the prime example of this. It's trolls, people will no class that LOL at people when they win a lane, and of course the flamer that make up most of the community in LoL.. and sometimes it has hard to contain it inside when you get a real troll in your team like this Annie. I had put in over 2000 hours and enjoyed playing with my friends and learning the game. Solo Q was always a nightmare as you open yourself up to the possibility of getting a troll. I am relieved that I won't be wasting many any more hours on the game though as I have other commitments in life and I used LoL as a distraction. Whilst it can be a lot of fun, great games are few and far between, and it seems like you get idiots in your team far too often. A couple of examples of late. Mao goes supp with his premade, lane loses hard. A Yasuo decides to ADC, and has 8 deaths in 10 minutes. Yesterday we have 2 ADC's in the team, but guess what. One is top (quinn), the other Ezreal is jungle.. I am bot as Leona, with a JAX, as quinn would not change lane. And no doubt many more examples but I don't mean to go on. To be banned for getting trolled, the RIOT punishment system officially does not work. To my in game friends, I am sad to see I won't be playing with you again. I know I should have taken your advice and waited to play ranked in DUO mode only. I was banned once before 2 months ago for flaming a troll in my game. These trolls no doubt go unpunished and fight to play another day. This annie though with her history, she had won like 1 game in her last 10. Hey RIOT, why don't you look at these sorts of facts because jumping to your own conclusions. TIP to those that flame sometimes, don't do it. If you are being trolled just mute them and ignore, and play otherwise you could be perma banned. A game does not last forever, being banned for life does.
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