[INFO] Everything about the current FPS drop issues and the causes.

Hello there, i'm DARKBOW923 from de Blitz app expert team. Today i will write this post so you can get all the info about the current problems on the game, like the FPS drop issues, screen loading at 100%, and etc. 1.- The cause: Basically i was investigating this issue internally since two weeks, and i found some interesting things. The current cause of the FPS drops ingame is due to the **dual core processors or higher**, LoL is currently incompatible with the dual core processors or higher (e.j the quad core) and that incompatibility makes some of the errors i tell you above. Basically, the game make saturates the cores of the processors and the processor reacts trying to calculate everything, but when the game satures the processor, the processor will work as normal but the game will be starting to crash (FPS issues, screen loading at 100%, etc) and you will get the current issues. I tested the game in a single core processor, and i cannot reproduce the issue, the game never crashed and the screen never stucked on 100%. The problem is random, you can play a day without the issues and then play a random game and *get the issues*. For resume a bit, if you didn't understand what i writed above: 1.- The game isn't compatible with dual core processors 2.- The processor works fine, but the game saturate it and the game starts to crash, causing the issues. 3.- This problem is random, you can play without problems and then get the game crashes in one game, for example 9/10 games can be played without any crash. 4.- I tested the game on a single core processor and the issues doesn't appears, i tested it on 2 computers and different hardware, and nothing (bad) happends. 5.- The only fix to this problems will be done if Riot Games makes a patch with the comptability issue fixed, then nobody will be affected for this issue. This issue was confirmed by Riot Mokarran (from LAS) in a post where he explain the problem is basically the incompatibility of LoL with specific hardware (specially with dual core processors, but after my own investigations, talks with Riot support, and my own test) i can confirm 100% this is the cause of the issue. I will leave here the post with the exact comment of Riot Mokarran telling this: Link to the direct comment [here](https://boards.las.leagueoflegends.com/es/c/ayuda-y-soporte/rXXl1YEx-situacian-activa-caaudas-de-fps-y-crashes?comment=00000000) >El problema es que hasta el momento las cosas apuntan a que esto solo afecta ciertos PCs con cierto hardware, como >procesadores dual core o cierta infraestructura. _At the moment, the problem only affects to specific PC's with specific hardware, like dual core processors, and specific infrastucture._ --- 2.- Things you can try: The game **is the real cause of the problem** , but you can try this things: 1.- Set high priority on the LoL game (the square icon, not the client) in the task manager. 2.- NEVER close a program via task manager, if you do that, you can get major issues (e.j reinstall the game..) 3.- 'Disable overlays like Overwolf) UPDATE 30/12/2019: ACTUALLY THE PROBLEM WITH THE OVERLAYS ARE GONE, i reported several people (more than before) who have the problem without the overlays and also get a temp fix using the steps i will say in the end of this post. Just remember, disable overlays doesn't guarantee NOTHING. A few tips: 1.- (deleted due to reasons above) 2.- (deleted due to the reasons above) So, basically, there's not much you can do at the moment since the problem is the game and the only fix for that needs to be Riot fixing the compatibility issues with the dual core or higher processors launching a game patch that can solve it. I will edit this post with every new info i can get with my investigation. Thank you for reading, i maked this post since no Rioter has do it. Regards. Feel free to contact me via discord if you need something: DARKBOW923#9575 BTW: I will post this in off-topic so everyone can see this post and get informed about that {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} UPDATE 12/01/2019: >This patch is **wrong**, the FPS issues just get increased and Riot still doesn't make a solution for this, all we can do actually is wait. >Due to my reports, several people are getting a temporal fix doing the steps i said above, but another time, doesn't guarantee nothing! Anyways, the people who are defragging the LoL folder are getting a temporal fix for the FPS issues. I'll keep updated with more info as soon as i get it. See ya~
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