People who want to play sion

I love sion. He's one of my favourite champs and i am good with him. And occasionally one of my team mates goes sion or wants to try sion and then has a bad time because of their recommended build path or they're style of play. I just wanna say if the recommended build path tells you to build all armour with little health don't do it. Yeah sion as full tank is dangerous. But you only build him full tank if your support or jungle. If your top lane sion you always want a good amount of damage in there. I just don't like seeing people fail at playing a champion because his build path removes a lot of his good potential. Now i'm not saying i'm god a sion. I'm good. But i not great. Sometimes i've carried games with sion sure so all i am saying. If you want to play sion and your having trouble. Rather than stopping playing him. Try another build path or find someone who can help you learn sion. Because he is one of the most fun champs i have ever played and he is much better than what people first play him as.

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