Personal thoughts on BREXIT. Late, I know, could not post earlier! [NO HATE INSIDE]

As a not affiliated, not UK-citizen but having been in London for a time and seeing how cosmopolite that megacity is I was appalled to hear the UK barely majority decided to leave EU. This was in contrast with the feeling I had when I left London and I started to think and dig in to see what the whole campaign was about. The moment the numbers came in and the fact that a vast majority, this time, of under 35 years old voted for staying in the EU it struck me that the UK politicians leaving a decision that will influence the FUTURE of the UK and not as much the present to be dealt by he population seems like a huge mishap. Do not get me wrong, I have complete confidence in everyone's right to decide their own future and their ability to discern right from wrong, but in the same time this decision will affect the younger population more than the elderly one, so, equal votes for unequal repercussions. This seems a bit off in my opinion, and this should have been considered by the politicians when they decided to trade a referendum promise for votes in a political campaign (hello David Cameron campaign!) More to it, the UK voters decided NOT ONLY for the UK, but for what may be the whole EU by creating a precedence. A snowball effect is looming and is a real threat. In terms of democracy, the UK LEAVE voters did more harm to unaffiliated parties (all other EU countries) now and gave a bone to all the extremist nationalistic parties in EU countries. The UK voters had on their shoulders more than their own country's responsibility when they made this vote but sadly this was not advertised properly by the REMAIN campaign. And now, you might call it a hypocrisy when parts of the UK will want segregation from the Kingdom and the UK will fight for keeping its integrity, because, heck, their own national desires are not respected (hello Scotland and Ireland!) and I was even surprise to see London as a hot spot that is considering making a petition for what, exactly, some sort of segregation. Another discussion that I found interesting is about economic predictions. I hope I am not mistaking but a pointer was made about hiring UK citizens over immigrants or a form of control to be made to ensure UK over immigrants favoritism. While I do not disagree with it, the entrepreneurs I am sure will. An immigrant is payed a considerable smaller wage than a UK citizen born and raised for the same work. I am sorry to say, but if your government will make a law that will touch the entrepreneurs pockets, you might lose those business and the afferent tax incomes in favor of the countries their former employs were from. And that will only bring more problems than solve. Nevertheless, there were voters that stayed at home and I bet now they regret not making their voice heard and democracy shall prevail. No political system is perfect and can't address the problem. Democracy in this specific situation comes here to prove that, even though this system might be the closest to perfection there is or will be. But, when democracy is made with the subterfuge of lies, disinformation, misleading, can it still be considered just and can those results still be called upon as begin the voice of the people?! I do think, in conclusion, that this referendum should have been consultative and not permanent. As it created, in my opinion, more problems than actually solved. I for one will continue to see UK as part of Europe and why not the Union. The UK put it's mark on what the EU is now and that legacy can't be taken away by none, no matter how many referendums. The EU opinion has al little print of what an UK citizen means and that is something that enriches us all. Stuff has happen, every family has quarrels and mishaps. They will pass and we can only look towards the future and maybe hope for a better tomorrow. Consider this as food for thought, open to discussion. Cherio, Your friendly neighborhood jungler
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