Most annoying ability to get hit by

There are certain abilites i really hate getting hit by or dying to. These are the abilites that make me ache whenever i get him by them. {{champion:20}} E : Ice Blast The slow and the attack speed debuff are killing me. It also hurts. Which reminds me of... {{champion:75}} W : Wither It hurts getting slowed and attack slower. But it hurts even more when it's being slowly rubbed into you. {{champion:7}} E : Etheral Chains Getting hit by it is one thing. But hearing that sound before you finally get rooted just rubs it in like "You are so f*cked mate" {{champion:432}} R : Tempered Fate I like Bard, but getting hit by an enemy Bard ult is really, really hurting when you see your pray running away, or your demise coming closer. There are way more abilites that make me feel like that, but what about you guys? Which spells do you hate getting hit by?
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