Matchmaking is FRUSTRATING, can't win even 50% of games.

Hi. I just quickly want to rant/went/get of my chest this frustration that I have. I'm a solo player (non-ranked). I will exagurate for the sake of frustration and say that ALL THE MATCHES I'm against higher level teams/players. ALWAYS, GAME AFTER GAME. I have level 33 or so, my team ussually has some belowe 100's, BUT ENEMY NEVER has lower than 100+ levels!!! I would understand a game here and there like this, BUT IT HAPPENS ALWAYS! This unfair, unbalanced matchmaking! A little back story. I've played this game since Beta (10 or so years ago). Tried to be good and did win alright. Then I quit LoL for few years. Got old and not so sharp or focused with playing games. Now, when I return, I see that game has become SO MUCH more beautiful, but I can't enjoy it one bit, because of the constant losing streaks that this %%%ing matchmaking is providing for me and my account. It's as if Riot still thinks that am that young kid that used to play good and now for the rest of my life will make me play vs UBER %%%ING PRO'S!!! I want to enjoy this beautiful game AND NOT VS BOTS FFS!!! Ok, I guess that will do. No one will probably care anyway. F you doomed matchmaking!!!
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