Why I'm quitting League

I have been playing since the Kha'Zix patch most days about 3 hours and longer on weekends, i have over 3000 games played, own all champions and have invested heavily in this game with 300+ skins. This game has been my passion and when i say I'm quitting there is no bitterness to it, I do not regret the time, money and passion i have invested in this game. I have loved it while it lasted but I no longer feel this is a game that caters to what has made this enjoyable for me, which i can also understand some people might turn around and say they love how the game is now and they feel it's better. To clarify what I'm talking about here i feel the game started steering in bad direction in season 6 but it's the changes that have been made this season with the removal of masteries and adding in runes that is the biggest killer for me. I think this was just Riot's way of making the game more casual friendly to attract new players to the game but at the same time, it's driving away some players like myself We now have runes like magical footwear and biscuit delivery which just hand you things for free, things which you used to have to buy and work for before by farming well and getting gold from kills, towers We now have runes that provide vision on the map so now there is less need for people to buy them. This is bad for solo queue players like myself who used to love taking advantage of people who didn't care about warding top and mid lane bushes because they'd rather spend more gold on items Riot is following in Blizzard's footsteps, world of warcraft gradually got made more casual over time and made easier for people to play which eventually was what killed the player base which dropped from 12 million to 1. I'm not saying this will be what kills league, as i'm sure the new changes and the game becoming more casual will draw in new players but there are many solo queue players like myself who are quitting League atm is all about teamwork, the new rune system makes it harder for people who solo queue like myself to make an impact on the game. I used to punish people for their mistakes, get ahead on kills and cs and carry games but now the new runes offer everyone safety blankets and it's no longer possible. Now the game is all about teamwork and when you solo queue getting people to listen to you is impossible. Nobody wants to wait for that drake thats coming up in 10 seconds instead they want to push up mid team fight then feed (because enemies have a 15 kill lead from the lane feeders) followed by the enemies taking that drake you wanted your team to go for. I can no longer get hyper fed in lane through playing well and carry people like i used to which means to win now i have to add players who were good and only play with them, sit about for hours for enough people to come online For me the fun was always in outplaying my opponents and knowing i made an impact that won the game. The game just isn't this anymore, with new runes like stopwatch that stop you from getting fed as much and others that provide people with free vision, it's a lot harder now to get fed enough to still carry games where my team don't want to do what's required as a team to win, which is pretty much most games I feel in general games these days are steering away from rewarding players for playing well and cater towards making a game easy for everyone to play which in my opinion doesn't make a game more fun or better
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