Feels like someone cursed my account a week ago.

Yep, its right. last saturday i started to have an unlucky streak (bad teammates in general), and i thought, ok no problem shit happens sometimes. Then it continued during the whole weekend and this entire week. ive dropped from plat 1 to plat 5 0 points. the only games ive been able to win have been those where i got super fed and carried. i dont understand how unlucky i can be. really. i focused on my plays and all that stuff but on a team based game, if your team constantly underperforms you will always lose no matter what. Now i have a shitty mmr and i tried to play in different roles like jungle or mid but it doenst really matter. If i play jungle my laners will die at minute 2 or start feeding nonstop until is unwinnable. I dont really know what to do. Maybe stop playing ranked this season?
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