A moment of neglect

So, I guess I was unlucky. Usually, I always check the page to see what the sales are for the upcoming month, or next week that is coming, but, last week I didn't check the page because I forgot, 1st time ever that I actually forgot, I always check it, every week, to see if there's anything I want. This time, as I forgot, I got my 15€ to buy SKT T1 Ekko, and think what to do with the rest of the RP. I've been thinking ad thinkind, and it came to the point I realised **'OH, I have enough for the skin I've wanted since it's release'**, and proceeded to buy the skin for 975RP. So happy to finally have the skin I wanted for so long, I left the client because I headed to work. Haven't played much lol 'til then, but got in mind I have that skin and absolutely have to try it out. Then I log in my account today, I head to the store to see what skin I would like to get (Because I got promised by a friend he'll gift me any skin because I recently helped him a lot, and he is buying 120€ worth of RP anyways), and as I open the store, I get *TRIGGERED* while the ** 'KOI NAMI SALE 50% OFF'** flashes into my face. That one time I don't check what's up for the sale next week, I get crushed. Sorry for the long post, here's a... Cookie? {{item:2009}}
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