14 days ban not 14 days? lol

hey, I got banned for 14 days. It happened while playing a match so I got logged out after I finished the game. I logged in again and it said my account would be unbanned on the 16th of June. I don’t remember the exact date it happened but op.gg says I played my last match 14 days ago. http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Dęath+Lotus (ignore my match history lol I know I suck and I was on a terrible losing streak) Why does my ban take 17 days instead of 14? I’m kinda confused. I don’t want to contact support yet because I might be completely wrong Not complaining about my ban, I know I deserved it. I’m really working on how to control myself when I get mad but I just lose it sometimes. I decided to mute everyone, even my own team from now on.
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