http://image.prntscr.com/image/d93655f95bf64f90946bde5e35bf8281.png Finally got gold (after 45 games) :3 Even though soloQ sometimes feels like shit, and you get all the toxic players, sometimes there are days when most people you get are actually nice. This day was one of those for me, and I believe that positivity should be encouraged, so instead of celebrating my achievement too much, I'd like to thank the following people for being nice teammates. If you read this and are on the list, know that you were fun to play with, and at least based on the one game, you're part of the more positive League players. Special mentions: * Cresusthetank - really nice guy, and amazing _hooker_ (Blizcrank player) * Khal Genghis - he gave me jungle and was really nice to play with :D * Nebic - especially nice fellow * Smellon - nice fellow and a really good Bard Also other nice people I got in my team: * MrYoubert * El Moutardator * Oronyze * winterscoming * SSandberg * skywalkerdelaoda * Getsuga Tenshou * Tardisnt * babasidazenci * BronzeTom * Frucht Bison * WoopYoMama These 16 people were from 5 ranked games I played today, so 16/25 people were worthy of honouring. So, I guess that League community is not so bad after all (or I got incredibly lucky or perhaps both).
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