End of season honor ward skins

Hello i have a question about the end of season Reward skins for reaching honor level 3,4,5 im currently level 5 wooo but i really want the purple skin as my fav color i am curious will we just get level 5 so orange skin for being level 5 or do we get all 3 of the colors since we surpassed those levels if not can we please do that as i really want the purple one so example level 5 honor players get access to all 3 tier ward skins not just one. level 4 has the lvl 3 , 4 skins please make it a thing really please. if this is not an option i mkes me wanna be a toxic player so im deranked to honor level 4 just so i can have my purple ward skin i really dont wanna do that im not a toxic player who else would like to see this feature make a thing {{champion:89}}
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