Lets talk about xin.

Xin is marmite. You either love because you main him. Or you hate him like the rest of league. But sometimes its just fun to get your ideas out. This is a board for people to talk about what they think should be done about xin. Me personally, i think xin is one of if not the most unfair champ in the game. Yes isn't the most op but i believe he is the most unfair. Yes, riven, yasuo, fizz a lot champs are more op and can carry games better than xin. But for the most part there is a a big difference. Most of the other champs require skill and there is some counter play to them even if it isn;t obvious. But xin. The isn't much highly complex skill involved and the counter play... not much/ Not much counter play. But my opinion is invalid. This is a board for all you to argue about xin. BEGIN THE RAGE. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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