Jhin season 8

i really love the champion jhin{{champion:202}} from the last season (s7) {{champion:202}} was so good and balanced champ and so fairly to deal with that the player have to get a good farm and buy correct items to play but he do not have a great abilities to escape except bonus movement speed from his passive that he need critical items combining with life steal items and the old mysteries (bloodlust) that heal and as much as damage and critical champ has but now the new runes has only healing and its so low with healing not as much as before like before i used to attack some one with 1 hp to get full hp instead of attacking him many times + life steal and don't heal except 25-50% from hp because the other champs like {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:119}} has big attack speed so they heal fast but {{champion:202}} instead he cant heal fast because he has limit in his attack speed ,last seasons was the first item i have to buy is infinity edge but now i have to buy legality because no heal from damage and do much damage to enemy so i have to use {{champion:202}} like assassin in early so i have to buy like three items legality then start with infinity edge and the other adc items and with this legality items i cant use my bonus movement speed so i have no passive in early so i think its just like a nerf so please can you change the runes i mean Fleet Footwork to be like the old mysteries bloostlust so i can use {{champion:202}} as it used to be,because now i'm so bad with every game i play with {{champion:202}} i used to be like 25/4/15 or 30/2/10 but now i get now like 3/15 or 2/13 what i mean with scores i was carry but now i become like feeder and i mastered every ability from {{champion:202}} and tricks like using many E in 1 place let them follow me and kill them but now all of this got disabled because i lost the old mastery (bloodlust).i'm waiting for your answer and have a nice day.
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