How many players remember the League ? :)

Hey guys I wonder how many of you was playin in the first preseason(beta) and season1 etc... So I remember few things from that time..tell me if you do too (; * There was no **Unique Passive** - you just bought 5x sunfire cape and each on of them dealt for example 60magic damage per second 300magic damage p/s + 300armor and lots of HP * Old **Twisted Treeline** (3v3) map with the **dragon** at the top, very nice jungle with lots of creatures and with red buff in the middle of map. [This is how it looked]( * Ranked **SOLO 3v3** .. yes you read it well.. ranked solo twisted treeline (thats why some diamonds, challengers etc. are where they are - not **all** of course) * There was some minor bugs in the you went to jungle to kill wolves and when they moved they became like planks :D * Because of bugs like that Rito was sending **RPs** as an excuse and lots of **IP boosts** .. and Im not quite sure but they may was giving skins too, but **im not sure**. I think thats all I remember from that past.. How about you? Did I tell you smt new ? :) or you know something that I dont? tell me .. :)
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