why I quit league and you should too

This game is a pointless circle of violence, the only objective in this game is to kill and destroy it's psychopathic like almost every other game out there. This mindless slaughter destroys our empathy, why would anyone want to kill minions they are defenseless and adorable we are cruel people I think i killed over 200000 of those poor things i got a diamond logo as a reward for killing the defenseless , the innocent. I know everyone here will call me crazy and think I'm probably joking saying its "just a game" but every character we character we killed represented a living being even if in a virtual world. If we think killing is wrong, why is it the main focus of almost every video game out there to KILL, it's sick! Maybe video games were created with the purpose of destroying morals of our society so that our leaders can send more of the young and stupid to kill each other in wars for gold, if you are unhappy why bring more darkness into your life, you think that can make you smile? We can only run for so long before our past catches up to us again, better face it now than never, i don't know about you guys but i wouldn't want to die a slave. You are the only champion you need to beat to be the greatest you can be. Anything that you do rubs off on you whether you like it or not so stop the mindless violence and come back to life. {{champion:17}} if you prefer to be this guy... then I'm sorry bro{{item:3070}}
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