The Wall

Hello Summoners, I create this thread to rather ask for your experience with such things I am going to describe and asking for possible advice. So for like 4 weeks or so I am trying to climb out of G3 without success. It seems like there was an unbreakable wall between me and G2. I am currently getting approx. 22-25 LP for winning and lose around 12-15 for a loss. So obviously my MMR is much higher than the tier I am currently in. Still i always climb until about one win before promo to G2 or even get into promo but then it begins. I must say I am maining midlane and I am quite good at it and I am a quite ok adc too. But at a certain point of climbing I won't get "allowed" to play my favourite roles anymore resulting in me performing less good of course. But also my team seems to consist of much less skilled players. So I get loss after loss until i dropped to 0 LP or even G4 and from that point I win straight until I get back to "The Wall". I know everyone says ELO HELL does not exist and I am completely responsable for my elo my self but I think elo hell is the point where your skill is slighly above the skill of your teammates and your opponents but not as high above them so you can carry it by yourself. So I want to ask if anyone of you experienced this problem too and if yes how did you deal with it.
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