Riot, Soon to embrace extreme SJW ideologies

Diversity & Inclusion
If you haven't realized by now, culture is something we take pretty seriously at Riot. You can see this in everything we do, like this, this, and this. We want a culture of empowerment and feedback so we can chase the best ideas, find new ways to challenge convention, and achieve great outcomes to surprise and delight our massive global playerbase.
Recently Riot were accused of being sexist and misogynistic and accused of being a corporate culture of sexism. Just like how SJW's were triggered by the new DOOM trailer "dont call them demons, called them mortally challenged" the same SJW's are being triggered by League of legends/Riot. The worse thing is, Riot has been repeatedly apologizing for it {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} apparently words like “Gamer” and “meritocracy” are offensive to these SJW's so they are not going to use them in the future {{item:3751}} Last time I checked, League of legends was the most diverse game out there with an equally diverse player base. I for one will stop playing if Riot start introducing the SJW agenda into their games.. **Please stop apologizing and pandering to extreme Left ideologies !!!** (I dont think Riot quite know how this **will** affect Profits + how many people will_** Boycott**_)

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