Challenge yourself, start taking cold showers!!!! πŸ’ͺ 😎 Ayy, thank you for checking my thread! Some may wonder... _Lol, cold showers? Wolf has lost his mind, confirmed_ Au contraire!! I am a bit derpy sometimes but when it comes to cold showers, I am *VERY* serious. There are so many benefits to cold showering, and I'd be selfish if I didnt share em with you all. So, just to give you an idea of why cold showers are beneficial: 1. Its good for your skin 2. Its good for your hair 3. It wakes you up; there is no coffee in the world that is stronger than cold water in this department 4. It makes you stronger mentally (ima get into detail about this) 5. Its good for your blood stream 6. Its good for your muscles (especially after a good work out) 7. Stimulates weight loss 8. For men specifically, its known as a testosterone booster (this could be a placebo effect, but it works for me) 9. Relieves stress and depression Now, all of these benefits are glorious and luckily, there is some science to back em up. Well, most of em. But the main reason why I take cold showers is to boost myself. Its a great way to wake up, and it also makes me more confident. It all makes sense when you think about it. You force yourself into an unpleasant situation, and then you _overcome_ it. You stay in the cold shower long enough to get used to the temparature, and to allow your body to warm up. This process is pretty much like real life. In real life, you find yourself in unpleasant situations all the time. Some people more than others. But, if you are brave, you overcome them. Cold showers can help you to bring out true potential and to make you a stronger person. On top of that, its known to be a depression/stress reliever. This process is also known as a form of 'hydrotherapy'. Now....I'd like to know, are you in or out? If you are not in, then you are a wuss! Get out of my sight right now! Nah just kidding, you are free to make a choice ofc. You could take steaming hot showers everyday OR you could try something new and challenge yourself. If you wish to join this challenge, let me know. I am making a list of all people that give this thing a shot, just for teh lolz. I am, optimistically, hoping that this will be a very long list of people. There are a few ways you can tackle this challenge: - The warm/cold way Basically, you start with warm water, soap up, rinse with cold water. Its perfect for beginners and it doesnt need to be ice cold the first time. It would be best, however, if you make it a bit colder everyday. or.... - The Ultimate hardcore way Max cold, soap up, jump in, hyperventilate a little (this will only happen the first few times, you get used to it) and jump out after 5-6 min. Think happy thoughts or succumb to weakness!! This is optional, but if your bathroom has a heater, consider turning it on a little and put your towel on it, so you can dry with a warm towel after your cold shower. WARNING: I cant risk being a prick (or become a worse one) so I should also mention the following: Do *NOT* try this challenge if you are a heart patient; it will give your heart a huge slap and you wont like that. Also, if you consider yourself frail and allergic to cold (this is an actual thing) you might wanna skip this challenge too. You could, ofc, try the warm/cold way and then gradually shower colder every day. Just putting it out there. Also, try not to hold your head in ice cold water too long, as you might experience brain freeze. You can prevent this by simply letting the water fall on your chest, or back. For the nerdy, curious people among us, here are some links with info: List of Catalysts of Bravery: * Wolf in Tux * JQKAndrei * sander599 * SixROkun * SadlΓ­fe * Rob the Shredder * Enjutsu * Ruthlesslink * WillieTheWhale * IKZ0 * C 0 o k 1 3 * Okuma * Rich * Vixen 7 * Angelusica * Leonheart * Jungle only * LordMtnDew
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