Can we talk about how minion aggro actually works?

Maybe I'm confused, I don't know. With this game I don't really know anything anymore. How does the aggro work? I understand leash range and single target spells and whatnot, but I'm talking about a problem that I notice a lot, maybe because I focus on it so much. The random minion aggro changes. What do I mean exactly by that? Have you ever had a melee minion aggro to the melee (as it should) but then change to the caster, get one attack in and then go back to the melee that it was attacking? How about a caster minion going into melee range to then attack? Or how about a cannon go into melee range, putting itself under tower and messing with lane control that you had? If this is my side then fair enough. But I'm tired of setting up lane freezes only to have an indecisive minion that then ruins it all. It just happened with a cannon as I was against a Nasus, I spent everything to try and zone him off the cs, only to have the cannon go into melee range with a caster and straight into Nasus' hands. Considering the buff to his stacks, that meant that I spent everything for nothing. I understand aggro resetting and them choosing new targets. But it shouldn't happen whilst they are slapping one another, especially when the two laners aren't interacting with each other so there is no damage going through to pull their aggro.
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