Honorable opponent?

Just curious why did you remove that feature? It just further adds to the whole concept of "always disrespect the enemy and report them" this game has going around for itself. It would be nice if we had a second row of voting for choosing a honorable opponent. I always liked honorable opponent. Gave it to someone I destroyed in lane or destroyed me in lane or to someone who got destroyed in lane and flamed all game but he didn't really say anything about it (or someone in their team who was 1v5 mode but simply couldn't carry it in the end). Plenty of reasons to do that and it also would be just nice overall. Not to mention it would technically encourage (some) people to be more honorable and it would help us gain more honor cause at the very moment I don't know anyone who is past level 2, lol. It only makes sense to have this back, although the format could be different. What do you think?
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